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Money in the Bank

There’s something so satisfying about the notification of money entering an account you control. Whether you use PayPal, a merchant account, or simply your bank account, there’s nothing quite like the reward of currency. It’s solid. It’s tangible (at least, when you withdraw it in cash). It’s a real indicator that something you did paid off.

The first sale I ever made online was only in the past two years, and yet I’ve been online forever and using my knowledge of sales and marketing for the last seven years. Why did it take this long to make my first dollar? Because I wasn’t actually trying. I fully admit it.

Back when I started I was doing the shiny object dance. I initially got involved with a challenge to make a sale in 30 days, which bombed completely and nuked any motivation I had at the time to continue spending countless hours awake at night “working on the internet.” I was falling for just about every get-rich-quick system being sold at the time, and believing the empty words of who-knows-how-many “gurus.” I was failing because I wasn’t actually putting in the effort necessary to make a business succeed. I was failing because I thought I could just throw a few links out into the world and people would buy stuff through me. At the time I sincerely believed that this would work, I was told it was a numbers game. What I didn’t know was that it’s not just a numbers game, it’s a perseverance game and you have to be in it for the long haul.

If you’re trying to get into online business, do yourself a favour and step back a moment. Ask yourself some questions…

  • Am I willing to treat this as a real business with real risks?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice my time, my money, my social life, my family, for this to succeed?

Well, are you? If not, maybe you should go back to your day job. The internet lifestyle is not for everyone, and the get-rich-quick schemes will dry your bank account faster than one of those crazy sanitized hot-air hand-dryers. Okay it’s not the best analogy but you get my point.

When your friends ask you why you’re spending money on the internet when you’ve told them your goal is to make money on the internet, tell them the truth. It’s an investment. It’s tuition for the grand university of online business. There are so many people who’ve been told that you can make money for free on the internet that when you’re told you have to invest money first (like a real business) suddenly everyone’s skeptical. Really?! You weren’t skeptical about the free money?!

There is a point to this story: The first sale will hook you, but you need to get there first. Don’t stop believing.

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